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2018-2019 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin 
  Jun 17, 2024
2018-2019 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin [Archived Catalog]

Electrical Engineering

Roger Dougal, Chair


Electrical engineers create micro-devices, circuits, and systems that are used to create, process, or distribute information and energy. Graduates of this program are prepared for a wide range of professional practice through a combination of core and career track courses. The first two years of study establish a technical foundation in math, science, and engineering principles and a responsible social foundation in the liberal arts. The last two years of study focus a student’s interest into one of the department’s specialties, which include microelectronics, energy and control systems, and communication systems. The department is well-known for its outstanding hands-on laboratory sequence and for encouraging highly talented and motivated undergraduate students to participate in its many research programs. The rapid pace of developments in electrical engineering requires that graduates make strong commitments to lifelong learning, and it ensures that graduates will be presented with many exciting and diverse opportunities throughout their professional careers.

The objectives of the academic program are to imbue in the graduate: 1) a broad education that establishes competencies in the arts, humanities, foreign languages, sciences, and mathematics and that fosters an appreciation of the role of the engineer in society and the world-awareness that is so necessary to the practice of engineering in a global economy, 2) engineering skills that are both broad in the basics and deep within a selected specialization, and 3) professional skills that include the abilities to communicate effectively, to work productively as a team member, and to engage in career-long professional development.

Programs and Courses



    Electrical Engineering