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2016-2017 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin (Archived Copy) 
  May 17, 2022
2016-2017 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin (Archived Copy) [Archived Catalog]

Information Science, B.S.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Students will describe the techniques and principles for creating, storing, organizing, transforming, and communicating information to various information seekers. 
  • Students will demonstrate practical skills of information science and the use of information systems. 
  • Students will demonstrate the comprehension of the valuable role of information and information technology in society as well as the diversity of needs and uses for information.  

Degree Requirements (121 hours)

See School of Library and Information Science  for admission and progression requirements.

  1. Carolina Core Requirements (31-43 hours)
  2. Other General Education Requirements (36 hours)
  3. Major Requirements (36 hours)
  4. Minor or Additional Approved Electives (18 hours)

Carolina Core Requirements (31-43 hours)

CMW: Effective, Engaged, and Persuasive Communication: Written Component (6 hours)

SCI: Scientific Literacy (7-8 hours)

  • Two approved Carolina Core SCI courses including one laboratory course

GFL: Global Citizenship and Multicultural Understanding: Foreign Language (0-6 hours, depending on placement test)

  • Any approved Carolina Core course(s) for GFL or score of two or better on foreign language placement test.

GHS: Global Citizenship and Multicultural Understanding: Historical Thinking (3 hours)

  • Any approved Carolina Core GHS course.

GSS: Global Citizenship and Multicultural Understanding: Social Sciences (3 hours)

  • Any approved Carolina Core GSS course.

AIU: Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding (3 hours)

  • Any approved Carolina Core AIU course.

CMS: Effective, Engaged, and Persuasive Communication (0-3 hours*)

INF: Information Literacy (0-3 hours*)

  • Any approved overlay or stand-alone Carolina Core INF course, with the exception of SLIS 202 .
  • SLIS recommends ENGL 102  

VSR: Values, Ethics, and Social Responsibility (0-3 hours*)

  • Any approved overlay or stand-alone Carolina Core VSR course.
  • SLIS recommends SAEL 200  


* The combined CMS, INF, and VSR requirements must include at least three hours not being used to satisfy Carolina Core requirements outside those three areas.


** SPCH 140  may not be selected if it was used to satisfy the CMS requirement in the Carolina Core.

B.S. in Information Science Degree Courses (36 hours)

Additional Elective Courses or Minor (18 hours)

A student majoring in information science has the option of completing a specified minor sequence of courses prescribed by the unit offering the minor (see Complementary Programs below) or selecting an additional 18 hours of elective courses, as approved by the advisor. General education requirement courses do not count as electives. All elective courses must be passed with a grade of C or better. The minor is intended to develop a coherent basic preparation in a second area of study. Courses applied toward general education requirements cannot be counted toward the minor. No course may satisfy both major and minor requirements. All minor courses must be passed with a grade of C or better. For descriptions of specific minors, students should consult the department in which they wish to minor for a list of courses, noting completion of their minor and have prerequisites that may not count towards the minor. A minor advisement form must be completed by the end of the junior year (having completed between 60 and 90 semester hours) year and approved by the school.

SLIS Complementary Programs

A B.S.I.S. student may take one of the predesigned complementary programs established with the integrated information technology (iIT) program in the College of Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management; the visual arts program in the College of Arts and Sciences; or the public relations or visual communications majors in the College of Information and Communications. At a minimum, the 18 hours of SLIS courses, as described below, satisfy the complementary program requirement.

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