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2016-2017 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin (Archived Copy) 
  Jul 15, 2024
2016-2017 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin (Archived Copy) [Archived Catalog]

Medical Humanities Minor

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George Khushf, Director

This minor is designed primarily for students intending to go into medicine. It will provide an understanding of the ethical issues as well as a selective examination of sociocultural, legal, economic, and political factors that condition medical knowledge and practice. The minor will also be valuable for students interested in health law or other areas directly related to the health professions.


Students must complete an application, and qualify for the medical humanities minor. Applications can be submitted any time after the freshman year (30 credit hours completed). Normally, students will be expected to have at least a 3.3 grade point ratio. Applications will be evaluated by a Medical Humanities Education Committee, and they will be judged on overall academic merit. Application forms can be obtained from the Department of Philosophy, College of Arts and Sciences (Flinn 101), and the Honors College.

Opportunity to Participate in Honors College Courses

Several courses in the medical humanities minor will be offered as honors courses. Students minoring in medical humanities will be able to take these courses, and they will have priority in registration, even over Honors College students who are not minoring in medical humanities. This will provide students outside of the Honors College with the opportunity to do extensive course work in the Honors College.

Minor Requirements (18 Hours)

18 credit hours are required to satisfy the minor. There is one required course (3 credit hours). Three additional courses (9 credit hours) must be chosen from offerings in Group A. Remaining courses (6 credit hours) can be chosen from either Group A or Group B. Additional Honors proseminars in the medical humanities may satisfy minor requirements in either Group A or B, provided the course substitutions are approved by the Medical Humanities Education Committee.

Courses Approved for Previous Terms & Special Topics Courses

* Course substitutions approved by the Medical Humanities Education Committee.

From Group A:

  • AFRO 330 [= PSYC 330]  Psychology of the African-American Experience (approved for Spring 2003)
  • CLAS 360 [=PHIL 360]*  Origin of Western Medical Ethics (approved for Spring 2000)
  • ENGL 429J*  Doctors and Patients (approved for Fall 2000)
  • ENGL 490H  Medicine, Literature, and Film (approved for Spring 2008)
  • HPEB 492 [= SOST 500]  Southern Dis-Comfort -Public Health in the American South (approved for Spring 2010)
  • HPEB 502  Applied Aspects Human Nutrition (approved for Spring 2010)
  • HPEB 513  US Ethnic Minorities and Health (approved for Spring 2011)
  • PHIL 312  Classical Origins of Western Medical Ethics (approved for Spring 2010)
  • PSYC 330 [=AFRO 330]*  Psychology of the African-American Experience (approved for Spring 2003)
  • RELG 594H*  Religion and Healing (approved for Fall 2006)
  • SCHC 330N*  Psychology’s Social Impact (approved for Spring 1998)
  • SCHC 331D*  Suicide and Literature (approved for Fall 1999)
  • SCHC 332A  Sugar In the Blood: Cultural Beliefs, Attitudes, and Treatment of Diabetes in the African American Community (approved Fall 2009)
  • SCHC 332Y*  Narratives of Illness/Healing (approved for Fall 2005)
  • SCHC 360N*  Ethics of Inquiry (approved for Spring 2003)
  • SCHC 360O*  Enhancing Humans (approved for Fall 2003)
  • SCHC 361O*  Religiosity & Traditional Medicine (approved for Spring 1999)
  • SCHC 362R*  Religion and Healing (approved for Fall 2006)
  • SCHC 364G  Making the Connections between Latino Health, Culture, and Community Outreach (approved for Fall 2010)
  • SCHC 383O*  Islamic Science & Medicine (approved for Fall 1999)
  • SCHC 383Q*  Neuroethics (approved for Fall 2005)
  • SCHC 384I*  Alien Bodies: Science Fiction & Bioethics (approved for Fall 1998)
  • SCHC 386F*  Neurobiology of Culture (approved for Fall 2001)
  • SCHC 391C*  Practicing Medicine (approved for Spring 2004)
  • SCHC 402C  So You Want to be a Doctor? A Reality-Based Class on Transitioning into Medical School and Residency (approved for Fall 2009)
  • SCHC 430I*  Alternative Medicine (approved for Fall 2000)
  • SCHC 430K  Behavioral Medicine
  • SCHC 430R*  Sociobiology of Women and Men (approved for Fall 2001)
  • SCHC 432F*  Cultures of Symb. Healing (approved for Spring 1999)
  • SCHC 433K*  Health Policy (approved for Spring 1998)
  • SCHC 457F  Literature and AIDS
  • SCHC 460B*  Self and Psychopathology (approved for Spring 1998)
  • SCHC 460C  Facing Immortality (approved for Fall 2009)
  • SCHC 476E  Environmental Justice and Health Disparities (approved for Fall 2010)
  • SCHC 480J*  Health Law and Policy (approved for Fall 2000)
  • SCHC 484D* Facing Mortality (approved for Spring 2000)
  • SCHC 484E*  Healing Art of Music (approved for Spring 2001)
  • SCHC 484F*  Nanomedicine (approved for Spring 2005)
  • SCHC 484I  Plagues, Pandemics and Public Perception (approved for Spring 2011)
  • UNIV 401D*  Senior Capstone Experience: Transitioning to Medical School (approved for Fall 2001 and Spring 2002)

From Group B:

  • ANTH 391S [=SCHC 432O]  Anthropology of Sex
  • PHIL 330 (was 314) [=POLI 300]  Social and Political Philosophy (approved for Fall 2006)
  • POLI 300 [= PHIL 314]  Social and Political Philosophy (approved for Fall 2006)
  • SCHC 281B*  Nanotechnology: Promise and Peril (approved for Spring 2004)
  • SCHC 332U*  Anthropology of Science (approved for Spring 2002)
  • SCHC 359J  Cannon and Catapult (approved for Fall 2009)
  • SCHC 360J*  Darwin’s Achievement (approved for Spring 1999)
  • SCHC 365G*  Darwinism in Germany
  • SCHC 366O*  Artists and Cadavers (approved for Fall 2002)
  • SCHC 380K*  Philosophy of Technology (approved for Fall 1998)
  • SCHC 386D*  Creation, Evolution, & Naturalism (approved for Spring 1999)   
  • SCHC 386J*  Brain and Evolution
  • SCHC 389B*  The Science of Serving Others (approved for Fall 2006)
  • SCHC 394A*  Great Books: Science (approved for Fall 1998)
  • SCHC 397A*  Great Books: Science II (approved for Fall 2000)
  • SCHC 430N*  Brain and Language (approved for Spring 1999)
  • SCHC 430O*  Brain and Behavior (approved for Fall 1998)
  • SCHC 430P*  Dev. Brain and Child Behavior (approved for Spring 1999)
  • SCHC 430Q*  Poverty and Child Development (approved for Spring 2001)
  • SCHC 431C*  Psychiatric Revolutions (approved for Spring 1998)
  • SCHC 432H*  Cultures of Smoking (approved for Spring 2002)
  • SCHC 432O  Anthropology of Sex
  • SCHC 457J*  Literature and Psychoanalysis (approved for Spring 2001)
  • SCHC 484H* America’s Pain Crisis (approved for Fall 2006)

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