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Columbia Campus    
2018-2019 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin 
  Feb 27, 2024
2018-2019 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin [Archived Catalog]

Interdisciplinary Studies, BarSc.

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The South Carolina Honors College offers a unique degree, the Baccalaureus Artium et Scientiae (Bachelor of Arts and Science). A student seeking the Baccalaureus degree constructs an individualized program of study that is tailored to his or her specific interests. This allows students with interests that fall outside traditional disciplinary boundaries to pursue undergraduate studies that fit their individual interests, needs, and aptitudes. The Baccalaureus degree is most suitable for students preparing to continue their studies beyond the baccalaureate level, especially in areas expecting a broad educational experience, such as law, government service, various academic graduate programs, and medicine. Admission to this degree program is based on outstanding academic work and a commitment to developing intellectual breadth.

Learning Objectives

  • Students completing the Baccalaureus Artium and Scientiae will have intellectual breadth demonstrated through completion of all general education requirements for both the BA and BS degrees in the College of Arts and Sciences. In addition, Baccalaureus students will study a foreign language at least through the fifth semester (or 300-level).
  • In cooperation with their individually assembled BARSC Committees, students will develop a program of study appropriate to their particular educational needs and goals.
  • Students will maintain a high level of academic performance.
  • Students will be well prepared for the next stage of their academic or professional careers.

Curriculum (126 Hours)

The individualized curriculum of a Baccalaureus degree candidate is supervised by an advisory committee, which aids Baccalaureus degree candidates in course selection and career orientation. In place of the University’s traditional major and other requirements, Baccalaureus students must take a wide range of courses designed to develop intellectual inquisitiveness. These requirements are constructed so that Baccalaureus students satisfy the basic degree requirements of the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in the College of Arts and Sciences . Baccalaureus students also must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language at the 300 level and submit a senior thesis or project worth 9 to 15 credit hours; they must also complete a total of 69 honors course credit hours. Graduation with the Baccalaureus degree requires a 3.50 cumulative GPA. Additional requirements are set by each student’s advisory committee, depending on his or her goals, needs, and lacunae. See the SCHC Handbook for further details.

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