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2017-2018 Graduate Studies Bulletin (Archived Copy) 
  Dec 13, 2019
2017-2018 Graduate Studies Bulletin (Archived Copy) [Archived Catalog]

English, M.A.T. (Secondary Education)

In addition to fulfilling requirements for admission common to all degree programs, an applicant to the M.A.T. program must have at least 18 semester hours of the following upper-level literature courses or their equivalent: Black literature (ENGL 428A, ENGL 428B, ENGL 430, ENGL 438D, ENGL 438E, or ENGL 565 - may be taken after conditional admission); contemporary literature; pre-1800 literature; a non-Western literature; and 6 credits in survey-type, upper-division English and/or American literature survey courses. Applicants without a standard English major may fulfill this 18-semester-hour requirement only by taking upper -division courses that the Department of English M.A.T. advisor approves. Applicants with academic deficiencies may be required to take additional 400-level English courses

Learning Outcomes

  • Candidates follow a specific curriculum and are expected to meet appropriate performance assessments for preservice English language arts teachers. 
  • Through modeling, advisement, instruction, field experiences, assessment of performance, and involvement in professional organizations, candidates adopt and strengthen professional attitudes needed by English language arts teachers. 
  • Candidates demonstrate knowledge of, and skills in the use of, the English language.
  • Candidates demonstrate knowledge of the practices of oral, visual, and written literacy.
  • Candidates demonstrate knowledge of different composing processes.
  • Candidates demonstrate knowledge of, and uses for, an extensive range of literature.
  • Candidates demonstrate knowledge of the range and influence of print and nonprint media and technology in contemporary culture.
  • Candidates demonstrate knowledge of research theory and findings in English language arts.
  • Candidates acquire and demonstrate the dispositions and skills needed to integrate knowledge of English language arts, students, and teaching.

Degree Requirements (48 Hours)

Requirements include a minimum of 15 graduate credits in English.

Note: In order to meet SC Read to Succeed requirements, students completing the MAT degree in the content area of English must include on their program of study the following:

  • EDRD 600: Foundations of Reading Instruction
  • EDRD 651: Introduction to Teaching Media Literacy
  • EDSE 786: The Teaching of Literature in the Secondary School
  • EDSE 787: The Teaching of Writing in Secondary Schools
  • EDSE 728: Advanced Study of the Teaching of English in the Secondary Schools
  • EDSE 584: Middle and High School Internship Seminar