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Columbia Campus    
2018-2019 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin 
  May 25, 2024
2018-2019 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin [Archived Catalog]

Music, B.M. (Music Entrepreneurship Concentration)

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Learning Outcomes

  • All BA & BM candidates will perform a series of jury exams on their primary instrument or voice. Each exam will engage the candidate in performance of a wide array of musical styles reflective of undergraduate-level literature.  
  • All BA & BM candidates will demonstrate fundamental piano skills, including performing, transposing, harmonizing, and sight-reading at levels appropriate for undergraduate music majors.  
  • All BM candidates with a performance or jazz studies emphasis will perform one half-recital and one-full recital on their primary instrument. Each recital will consist of a wide array of musical styles reflective of undergraduate-level repertoire.  
  • All BM candidates in music education will demonstrate the ability to plan level-appropriate lessons and execute plans successfully in authentic teaching contexts in their area of specialty (band, choir, orchestra, elementary).  

Degree Requirements

See School of Music for information about entrance requirements, progression requirements, and special academic opportunities.

Additional information is available in the “Academic Regulations” chapter of this bulletin, the School of Music’s Handbook for Undergraduate Students, or from the Office of Music Studies.

1. General Education - Carolina Core (31-43 Hours)

CMW: Effective, Engaged and Persuasive Communication: Writing (6 Hours)

ARP: Analytical Reasoning and Problem Solving (6 Hours)

SCI: Scientific Literacy (7 hours)

GFL: Global Citizenship and Multicultural Understanding: Foreign Language (0-6 hours)

  • Language Proficiency through 122

GHS: Global Citizenship and Multicultural Understanding: Historical thinking (3 Hours)

GSS: Global Citizenship and Multicultural Understanding: Social Science (3 Hours)


AIU: Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding (3 hours)

Overlay Eligible Courses (3-9 Hours) 

Up to two of these core requirements may be met in overlay courses.

CMS: Effective, Engaged and Persuasive Communication: Speech (0-3 Hours)

INF: Information Literacy (0-3 Hours)

VSR: Values, Ethics, and Social Responsibility (0-3 Hours)

Nonmusic Electives (0-7 Hours)

2. Major Requirements (90 Hours)

Major Courses (25 Hours)

Music Entrepreneurship Concentration (65 Hours)

Applied Music must be completed satisfactorily for a minimum of 8 semesters & 32 hours of credit.

  • Ensembles (8 hours)

Students are required to participate in the major ensemble most closely related to their primary instrument. Students must declare a primary instrument upon acceptance into the program. Some ensembles require an audition for membership. Regulations for attendance at ensemble rehearsals & performances are different from regulations for class attendance. Members of ensembles are expected to be present at every rehearsal & performance, unless excused by the conductor. Courses that qualify for the Chamber Music requirement include all MUSC 130 courses with a suffix of A-Z and topics in: Voice, String, Percussion, Wind, Guitar, and Keyboard.  

Ensemble requirements are as follows:

  • Guitar: 2 major (usually choral), 6 guitar ensembles
  • Jazz: 6 jazz ensembles, 2 major or minor jazz ensembles
  • Organ: 4 major (usually choral), 4 accompanying
  • Piano: 2 major, 2 accompanying, 2 chamber, 2 of choice
  • String: 6 orchestra, 2 chamber
  • Voice: 6 major, 2 opera workshop
  • Wind/Percussion: 6 major, 2 chamber
  • Concentration Electives (13 hours)

Students must complete a minimum of 13 hours of music major electives, including MUED 155 & 156, if needed.  Students whose primary medium is voice must complete MUSC 278, MUSC 578, and MUSC 579.  Students must complete a pedagogy course in applied area when available.  For Bachelor of Music candidates with an emphasis in performance, a half recital is required in the junior year & a full recital is required in the senior year, as well as selection of one of following options with its required electives:

  1. Piano Pedagogy (12 hours)
    1. MUSC 573 - Performance Pedagogy I  
    2. MUSC 573L - Pedagogy Laboratory  
    3. MUSC 574 - Performance Pedagogy II  
    4. MUSC 574L - Pedagogy Laboratory  
    5. MUSC 575L - Pedagogy Laboratory  
  2. Piano Accompanying (12 hours)
    1. MUSC 268 - Keyboard Harmony and Sight Reading Laboratory  
    2. MUSC 269 - Beginning Piano Accompanying  
    3. 3 courses chosen from the following:
      1. MUSC 543 - Song Literature  
      2. MUSC 545 - Survey of the Opera  
      3. MUSC 549 - Survey of Chamber Music  
      4. MUSC 578 - Diction for Singers I  
      5. MUSC 579 - Diction for Singers II  

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