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Columbia Campus    
2019-2020 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin 
  Sep 30, 2023
2019-2020 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin

Music, BA

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Learning Outcomes

  • All BA & BM candidates will perform a series of jury exams on their primary instrument or voice. Each exam will engage the candidate in performance of a wide array of musical styles reflective of undergraduate-level literature.  
  • All BA & BM candidates will demonstrate fundamental piano skills, including performing, transposing, harmonizing, and sight-reading at levels appropriate for undergraduate music majors.  
  • All BM candidates with a performance or jazz studies emphasis will perform one half-recital and one-full recital on their primary instrument. Each recital will consist of a wide array of musical styles reflective of undergraduate-level repertoire.  
  • All BM candidates in music education will demonstrate the ability to plan level-appropriate lessons and execute plans successfully in authentic teaching contexts in their area of specialty (band, choir, orchestra, elementary).  

Major Map

A major map is a layout of required courses in a given program of study, including critical courses and suggested course sequences to ensure a clear path to graduation.

Major maps are only a suggested or recommended sequence of courses required in a program of study. Please contact your academic advisor for assistance in the application of specific coursework to a program of study and course selection and planning for upcoming semesters.

Music, BA

Degree Requirements (121 hours)

See School of Music  for information about entrance requirements, progression requirements, and special academic opportunities.

Additional information is available in the “Undergraduate Academic Regulations” chapter of this bulletin, the School of Music’s Handbook for Undergraduate Students, or from the Office of Music Studies.

Program of Study

  1. Carolina Core (32-44 hours)
  2. College Requirements (0 hours)
  3. Program Requirements (28-40 hours)
  4. Major Requirements (49 hours)

1. Carolina Core (32-44 hours)

Effective, Engaged, and Persuasive Communication: Written — CMW (6 hours)

must be passed with a grade of C or higher

Analytical Reasoning and Problem Solving — ARP (6-8 hours) 

Scientific Literacy — SCI (8 hours)

Global Citizenship and Multicultural Understanding: Foreign Language — GFL (0-6 hours)

Demonstration of proficiency in one foreign language equivalent to the minimum passing grade on the exit examination in the 122 course is required, if not already met through Carolina Core or the foreign language placement exam.

Global Citizenship and Multicultural Understanding: Historical Thinking — GHS (3 hours) 

Global Citizenship and Multicultural Understanding: Social Sciences — GSS (3 hours) 

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding —  AIU (3 hours)

must be passed with a grade of C or higher

Effective, Engaged, and Persuasive Communication: Spoken Component* — CMS (0-3 hours)

Information Literacy* —  INF (0-3 hours)

Values, Ethics, and Social Responsibility* — VSR (0-3 hours)

*Carolina Core Stand Alone or Overlay Eligible Requirements — Overlay-approved courses offer students the option of meeting two Carolina Core components in a single course. A maximum of two overlays is allowed. The total Carolina Core credit hours must add up to a minimum of 31 hours. Some programs may have a higher number of minimum Carolina Core hours due to specified requirements.

2. College Requirements (0 hours)

No college-required courses for this program.

3. Program Requirements (28-40 hours)

Supporting Courses (15-18 hours)

Foreign Language (0-3 hours)
  • only if needed to meet 122-level proficiency
History (3 hours)
  • The School of Music requires one U.S. History and one non-U.S. History course, both of which must be chosen from the approved Carolina Core GHS courses. Whichever is not fulfilled through the Carolina Core GHS requirement must be fulfilled through this Program Requirement.
Social Science (3 hours)
  • Choose any from the list of CC-GSS approved courses.
Humanities (9 hours)

Cognate or Minor (12-18 hours)

must be passed with a grade of C or higher

Electives (0-13 hours)

No courses of a remedial, developmental, skill-acquiring, or vocational nature may apply as credit toward degrees in the School of Music. The School of Music allows the use of the Pass-Fail option on elective courses. Further clarification on inapplicable courses can be obtained from the School of Music.

4. Major Requirements (49 hours)

a minimum grade of C is required in all major courses

Major Courses (43 hours)

Major Electives (6 hours)

Students must complete a minimum of 6 hours of music major electives, including MUED 155 - Group Piano  & MUED 156 - Group Piano  (or demonstration of piano proficiency is required), if needed, or MUSC 278 - Introduction to Singer’s Diction  for those whose primary medium is voice.

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